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Author A.L. Sowards

A.L. Sowards grew up in Moses Lake, Washington, then came to Utah to attend BYU and ended up staying. She wrote most of her latest release while her twin toddlers were sleeping and did most of the revisions while they were supposed to be sleeping, but were really using their crib mattresses as trampolines.

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Movie you watch over and over again

The Original Star Wars Trilogy. I grew up watching them and still love them. When the new versions came out, we set up two TVs so we could compare them. I thought there was no way we’d get them synched, but I ended up having the needed magic touch with the remote control.


The Hunt for Red October. I read the book in junior high or high school and loved it. Then I wanted to watch the movie every weekend for a few months. When I got married and my husband and I combined our movie collections, The Hunt for Red October was the only duplicate.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I love the history involved, and enjoy the dialog. I’m also partial to the idea of ordinary citizens standing up against repressive governments.


Stardust. I usually watch this one when my husband goes out of town for work. I like the mix of adventure and romance, and the growth Tristan goes through. I also like that he does hard things, even though he’s scared.


It’s a Wonderful Life. One of my mom’s favorites. Growing up, we’d watch it every Christmas. I love the message and Jimmy Stewart is great. Tangent: Jimmy Stewart served in the Army Air Corp during WWII, and by all accounts was a great leader during some difficult times.


Foods I don’t like

Deviled eggs (or hard boiled eggs, or egg salad sandwiches). When we were little (five and three), my older sister liked to make deviled eggs, but she didn’t like to eat them. My mom told her she couldn’t make any more until the ones made were eaten, so she followed me around the back yard and fed them to me until I threw up. I don’t remember the incident, but the smell of deviled eggs still makes my stomach churn. I should note that my sister is now an accomplished cook, and always feeds us amazing food when we go to visit. She’s definitely made up for it.


Brussel sprouts. A roommate in college made them once. I choked one down, but couldn’t eat any more. Maybe they’re better if they aren’t from the freezer, so I’m willing to try fresh ones again sometime, but I’m certainly not going to pick them up at the grocery store.


Canned spinach. One day when I was still living at home, my mom decided her children we too picky. So she made us eat canned spinach, and it was disgusting. I’ll now eat raw spinach, but not the slimy, limp stuff from a can. Heck, I don’t want to look like Popeye anyway.


Tomato Juice. Don’t like it, but I did manage to drink a big glass of it when my mom’s uncle gave me some. He was an amazing man—saw a lot of action with the navy during WWII. When he asked what I wanted to drink, I said juice, expecting apple juice or something like that. Not wanting to be rude, I drank it all. My mom and sister, who knew I didn’t like it, were impressed.


Chili. I don’t have a cool story about why I don’t like chili. I’ll just leave it at that. If I was starving, I’d eat it. Otherwise, I’d rather have something else.


Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy

As World War II rages, the people of Eastern Europe are hopelessly trapped between two formidable forces: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. In their midst, a band of heroes prepares for the changes the coming battles will bring.
After narrowly escaping her Nazi captors, French Resistance worker Genevieve Olivier has fled to Allied territory with the help of American Lieutenant Peter Eddy. Their connection is undeniable, forged in the crucible of danger. But despite their blossoming feelings for each other, they must both finish the work they began . . .
In the safety of England, Genevieve hopes to find purpose as a nurse—all the while unaware that the Gestapo still seeks the woman who slipped through their grasp. When she is called upon to resume a life of danger as a French spy, will her desire to prove herself be her downfall?
Recruited by an elite special-ops team intent on thwarting the Nazis, Peter finds himself engaged in a personal battle as well—there is a traitor among his comrades. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, Peter combats an unknown foe. The stakes are high as he fights to save the lives of his teammates.
They are miles apart, yet as Genevieve and Peter fight for their own survival, they find a common well of strength in their faith—and their determination to be reunited.




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  1. Donna Durnell says

    I like deviled eggs – most of them anyway. Mother made some great ones (drier than most because she used a little vinegar for holding them together instead of mayo); and I made them often early in our marriage. But my kids aren’t too fond of them, so it’s been years. Now I just get to eat them at church pot-lucks

  2. The summary of this books really makes me want to read it.