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Second Annual Western Roundup Giveaway Hop

July 19th – 31st 2013 – Hosted by MK McClintock
Featuring books in the western genre and sub-genres. Whether it’s cowboys, wizards on horseback, magical beings in the old west, or pioneers on a wagon train, historical or contemporary, if it’s in the western genre, it qualifies.


My Giveaway

Winner’s Choice of one of Marcia Lynn McClure’s Western Romances. Paperback open to US only, ebook open Internationally. ?You all know I adore Marcia. ?Typically I wouldn’t think of Westerns as being some of my favorite books but if they are written by Marcia they are!!


Here are a few you can choose from:


MccallThe McCall Trilogy

Whether or not you’ve already fallen in love with the McCalls, this exclusive trilogy edition containing all three Marcia Lynn McClure books featuring members of the McCall family is a must for your bookshelf and/or electronic reading device! Furthermore, enjoy two new editions to Marcia’s popular “Author’s Note”—including the account of how Jackson McCall and Malaina’s romance originally entitled The Foundling, became Desert Fire—and how it made it back to The Foundling in this trilogy edition!

Available as an e-book, softcover and/or hardcover, ride away to a romance that only “McCall Boys” and Reese Thatcher can provide!

From the back cover of the book:

Journey through generations of adventure and romance as three Marcia Lynn McClure favorites blend perfectly in The McCall Trilogy!

The roundup begins with The Foundling (formerly released as Desert Fire).
She opened her eyes and beheld, for the first time, the face of Jackson McCall…

Posse up with the next generation of McCall heroes in To Echo the Past.
Stripped of her heart’s hopes and dreams, she knew true loneliness—until an ordinary day revealed a heavenly oasis in the desert—Michael McCall…

And finally, ride away to dreams come true with a modern-day McCall heroine in An Old-Fashioned Romance.
Life went along simply, if not rather monotonously, for Breck McCall. She longed for something—something that seemed to be missing…

The McCall Trilogy
…a romantic escape to cowboys, courtship, and kissing the way only Marcia Lynn McClure can deliver!



Sweet CherrySweet Cherry Ray

Black Jack Haley and his band of outlaws spent a lot of time in the town of Blue Water. Drinking, gambling and keeping company with saloon girls, even the fact that retired Texas Ranger Arthur Ray lived nearby did nothing to discourage Black Jack and his boys from spending their time and stolen money in the small western town. Still, though the outlaws never harmed any of Blue Water’s citizens, Arthur Ray knew men like Black Jack could turn on a dime. An outlaw was an outlaw and not to be trusted. Thus, the once Texas Ranger protected his family as best he could-demanding that his daughter, Cherry, dress as a man and remain as inconspicuous as possible. Though Cherry secretly longed for the feminine attire the other young ladies in Blue Water enjoyed, she understood her father’s concerns-and loved him all the more for it. And so, life was fairly uneventful for the people of Blue Water, including Cherry Ray-until the day when a stranger rode into town. Handsome and intimidating, the stranger kept his business to himself. Yet, by the look of the gun at his hip, folks began to wonder if another outlaw had arrived in Blue Water. But that didn’t keep Cherry Ray and her curious nature from crossing the stranger’s path one too many times…

Book Excerpt:

“Cherry glanced at her pa who frowned and slightly shook his head. Still, she couldn’t help herself and she leaned over and looked down the road.

“She could see the rider and his horse-a large buckskin stallion. As he rode nearer, she studied his white shirt, black flat-brimmed hat and double-breasted vest. Ever nearer he rode and she fancied his pants were almost the same color as his horse, with silver buttons running down the outer leg. Cherry had seen a similar manner of dress before-on the Mexican vaqueros that often worked for her pa in the fall.

“Cherry,” her pa scolded in a whisper as the stranger neared them.

She straightened and blushed, embarrassed by being as impolite in her staring as the other town folk were in theirs. It seemed everyone had stopped whatever they had been doing to walk out to the street and watch the stranger ride in.

No one spoke-the only sound was that of the breeze, a falcon’s cry overhead and the rhythm of the rider’s horse as it slowed to a trot…




A man tethered by pain and guilt borne of past tragedy,
A young woman with the soul of a guardian angel,
And an unspeakable evil about to be unleashed.

As Cricket lay in the soft comfort of her bed, continuing to let her mind nest on thoughts of how truly wonderfully attractive Texas Ranger Thibodaux was, she giggled, thinking that looking at him was more refreshing than swimming naked on a summer Sunday afternoon. He was a tall drink of water—far taller than most of the other men in town—and his shoulders were as broad as the state of Texas itself. Sky-blue eyes, bronze skin, square jaw, and dark hair—and that smile! In truth, Cricket had only seen Heathro Thibodaux smile three or four times, but each incidence was something she’d never forget. His smile was bright and white, and the gold tooth he owned on the upper-right incisor of his smile only embellished the richness of it.

That one tooth. Cricket’s smile faded as she thought of it. Oh, no doubt the flash only added to the splendor of his smile. Yet it also served as a reminder to anyone who had ever read or heard of what had happened in Texas one year before. No doubt it was a powerful remembrance to Heathro Thibodaux himself—a visual indication of true barbarity, pain, and loss.

In that moment, Cricket wondered—when Heathro looked in the mirror each morning and saw that tooth, did he think of eight dead girls buried in the bottom of a bleak and barren canyon? Did he think of the eight dead girls that he, for no fault of his own, had been unable to save?


dusty brDusty Britches

Angelina Hunter was seriously minded, and it was a good thing. Her father’s ranch needed a woman who could endure the strenuous work of ranch life. Since her mother’s death, Angelina had been that woman. She had no time for frivolity; no time for a less severe side of life. Not when there was so much to be done–hired hands to feed, a widower father to care for and an often ridiculously light-hearted younger sister to worry about. No. Angelina Hunter had no time for the things most young women her age enjoyed.

And yet, Angelina had not always been so hardened. There had been a time when she boasted a fun, flirtatious nature even more delightful than her sister Becca’s–a time when her imagination soared with adventurous, romantic dreams. But that all ended years before at the hand of one man. Her heart turned to stone…safely becoming void of any emotion save impatience and indifference.

Until the day her dreams returned, the day that the very maker of her broken heart rode back into her life. As the dust settled from the cattle drive that brought him back, would Angelina’s heart be softened? Would she learn to hope again? Would her long-lost dreams become a blessed reality?

Book Excerpt:

“…Dusty’s heart panged a twinge with she saw the bullwhip strapped to the saddle of one of the horses tied to the corral fence. “Why today?” she wondered. Why was her memory tarrying on a young cowhand from five years ago?

…Well…now,” a deep, masculine voice said from behind her, “if it ain’t Miss Dusty Britches!”

Dusty felt the color drain from her face…felt the blood seem to drain from the rest of her body and puddle in her feet. She was dizzy and nauseated all at once.

…There was only one person on the whole of the earth who ever called her Dusty Britches, and that was the cowboy who gave her the nickname in the first place. …Dusty slowly turned around to see standing before her a man whose eyes were those belonging to a boy she’d once known—a boy who had grown into a man.”


Or pick any of her currently available other Western Romances!


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  1. +JMJ+

    Thanks for the giveaway, Kathy! You may be happy to know that I started reading Marcia McClure a few months ago because of your blog. =) So thanks for that, too!

  2. I haven’t read any of Marcia’s books. But I see that will have to change.

  3. I thrive on western romances, be they historical or contemporary. I just love cowboys–having grown up in a small town and on a ranch. Strong, silent men. Hmmm! And I’ve heard of Marcia, though I haven’t read anything by her…yet. I think this has changed after reading the blurbs of the McCall Triology on this blog today. They sound like a series I would devour! So thanks for your blog post today.

  4. A great Hop. I haven’t read Marcia yet but have a few of her books on my TRL. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. Good luck to everyone.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. Rita Wray says

    I grew up watching westerns and still love them.


  6. I haven’t read any of hers, but even without winning will add her to my Kindle at some point. I added Dusty Britches to my Goodreads and into my wishlist at Amazon so that I will remember.

  7. Hi Kathy and Marcia. A great give-away. I have read many,many westerns. I would love to win one of Marcia’s. I added “Dusty Britches” to my to be read books on Goodreads. Might be hard picking a book since they all sound so good. Maxie

  8. I appreciate your reviews and the giveaways.
    I would lovee to win any of the above for I do not own any of them. I love her writing..