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spirit vision coverSpirit Vision
If God gave you a mission, would you answer His call?

The Lord has given Stary, a high school freshman, a mission: extinguish the evil residing in the murderer of two teens—Maren and Umbra. Stary never imagined that her strange visions meant that she was the Spirit Warrior for God and now with her powers activated, she must train to use them and try not to get caught by the murderer who has the ability to hide and conjure up the dark powers from the fallen angel himself—Lucifer. If Stary fails, not only will she lose her life, but Maren and Umbra will lose their entry into heaven and the world will be exposed to the madness of the murderer for the next forty years until the new Spirit Warrior is born.


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MorganAuthor Morgan Straughan Comnick

Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.

To be Inspired or Not to be Inspired…To be it Is!

I once heard that authors have to also be readers and I agree tenfold! I love seeing the reviews on the jackets of new books, smelling that new printed work smell that cannot be compared, and I notice how many of the reviews are by other authors, especially in the same genre or age group! Not only does this show collaboration between kindred spirits and it is a good research method to see what is popular, but for me personally, it charges my writing batteries, sparks energy and excitement in me. Since I am an avid reader, I have had experiences with several works in a multitude of age levels and numerous genres.? But there are just some that throw kindling on the fire that sparks my writing, ones that I cannot get enough of, and ones, admittedly, I gobble up like a piece of chocolate cake for my own enjoyment.

Without further ado, here is a list of genres or topics that inspire me and ideas that I hope, someday, that I can craft into my own book:

Vampires: I adore vampire and vampire-romance stories! All the variety of abilities and ways of looking at all this multi-century myth and lore on these creatures of the night.? And yes, I do happen to like how they are considered more romantic and vulnerable, yet still dark and mysterious.

Fairy Tale Retellings: Fairy tales were a part of my childhood. They are beautiful, creepy, inspiring, and magical. Retellings are popping up everywhere and I cannot get enough of them! It amazes me of all the twists these authors can come up with these staples of storytelling.

Paranormal/Ghost/Spirits/Romance: This should be pretty simple to see since I wrote a paranormal romance book myself! I have always been fascinated with the spiritual world, ghosts, and the connection we can have with them.

Fun, Romantic Realistic Fiction: Reading about high school life is always a blast; everyone can connect to it and if it can make me laugh and feel, it is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Anything by Lurlene McDaniel: This wonderful author writes about children and teens who have terminal illnesses or life altering events and how they or the people left behind deal with them.? I have read at least twenty-five of her books and they are all gems, bringing tears and hope, the feeling of warmth and the feeling of loss into your soul.

Books about brides: I am a girl and I like weddings…Enough said!

Historical Fiction: History is my favorite subject and all the stunning works out there where authors take amazing people or events and craft their own story while honoring them is a form of splendid magic to me.? My favorite topics would have to be: the Romanov family of Russia, the line of King Henry VIII, other royal families, the Titanic, American history, Japan in the past, and war stories. From my youth, I love the American Girls series to pieces!

Modernized Mythology: I am obsessed with The Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles series! But, I liked studying the Greek gods and goddesses before this.? Now, I inhale any books that involve Greek legends, myths, retellings, or anything of that nature. Who wouldn’t want to be a demigod?

Manga: Japanese culture is my weakness, my vice, my money sucker and that includes manga to a T! I have a whole tall, five shelf bookshelf that is filled with nothing but manga and a smaller one for manga art and fan books in my dining room! I do a lot of research with manga, but if it is in front of me, I will surely consider reading it. I bow to Japan’s manga-ka for their ability to create fantastic worlds, stunning stories, characters you get attached to after fifty pages, and their dedication to their work, which goes above and beyond some of our graphic works here.

No matter what I am reading, I am traveling to a new land, experiencing a new thrill that costs way less than a plane ticket!? By reading other books, not only does it inspire me, but it gets me a glimpse into the thought process of these amazing individuals called authors.? What could be more valuable?

To learn more about the books I have read and enjoyed, check out my Goodreads account.


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  1. Sounds like and interesting and different read ?? Thanks for hosting!

  2. I totally agree with you about books bringing things to life for each and every one of us in areas of existence we can only dream of normally ??

  3. Looks interesting. So what books did you read as a child that continue to inspire you today?

    • To be honest, I struggled with reading when I was younger, having to go to special classes for it. It really helped. I think the first series I really treasured was the American Girls series in 6th grade and I was also a fan of Peg Kehrett. But, it took until I was in high school to love reading and that is where the article comes into play. My fear of being exposed as a struggling reader made me scared to pick up books sometimes, although I did like them. High school was a turning point and now I am a good reader and get absorbed into these magical lands, interact with characters even my dreams could not conjure up, and find comfort in turning pages. =)
      Thanks for commenting and thanks for looking at my work. ??

      Morgan Straughan Comnick

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    looks like a good book, i would love to win of course!! who would not love to right? thank you and happy spring!!

  7. Heather B says

    This sounds like a book both my oldest son and I would enjoy reading! Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Thank you so much for the kind comments and encouragement everyone. This site has been grand! ?? I hope you enjoy my work if you ever pick it up and best of luck in the giveaway! ??


    Morgan Straughan Comnick

  9. I am signing up to win this for my daughter! She would totally love this for sure! Thanks for the chance. ??

  10. What a great idea for a story! Who wouldn’t want to be used by God to ward off an evil entity or kill off? I can only imagine it happening even as I was reading the small review of your book! I wondered if you had read or even heard of the books called (I think) “The Magic Treehouse”? I think that’s the name. Anyways my youngest daughter had read those & it really got her hooked on reading. Thank you for your story & keep on writing, even though I haven’t read it yet can’t wait for more!

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