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Aqua by Katherine Armstrong Walters

Eighteen-year-old Marin has few clues about where she came from, outside of a recurring nightmare of a horrific boating accident. Determined to prove to the world and to herself that she can overcome her water phobia and lead a normal life, she enrolls in a summer internship at a marine research facility in California.

When a cataclysmic accident suddenly brings her drowning nightmares into reality, she learns a secret about herself that begins to unlock the mystery lurking in her hidden memories. What she discovers could be the key to her past, but opening that door forces her to choose between two worlds and two hearts, and starts a chain of events that could destroy everything and everyone she loves.

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Praise for Aqua:

“This book grabbed me right away and never let me go! The characters were fresh and believable and immediately took you into their world. Not sure who the intended audience would be but I am 68 and enjoyed it immensely but my 16 year old granddaughter would love it too! Kathy Walters allows us to enter into the world of her imagination and escape our own for a while. I am looking forward to more from her!”
~Gerri Stephy

“Heart-stopping adventure and swoon-worthy romance that will take your breath away.”
~Heather Hepler, author of Frosted Kisses and The Cupcake Queen.





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Excerpt 1
If she walked away, she would always know she had a limit. If she gave her fears that kind of power, would she one day be so ruled by them that she couldn’t take a bath again? Drink a glass of water? She had heard about hydrophobics that would go hysterical even if someone sprayed them with mist. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life like that. The wind whipped her hair around her face, blinding her for a moment. She absently gathered it up and tied it in a knot above her head, sighing.
Excerpt 2

He wrinkled his nose at her soggy lunchmeat. “You call that food? Let me see that.”
Marin hesitantly handed him her napkin-wrapped sandwich. He looked under the top piece of bread, made a face, and then dropped the entire thing in the garbage can.
“What! Why did you do that?” Marin cried out.
“I’m sorry, I just know that warm lunchmeat doesn’t make a nutritious dinner. But to make it up to you, I’ll buy you something else, ok?”
Marin stared at him openmouthed. Was he asking her out? Or just being really weird? She was speechless. He smiled and took her hand, dragging her through the main doors and out to his car.
“Do you like seafood?” he asked, helping her into his beat-up yellow Corolla. She nodded, still unsure if she had actually just been hijacked onto a date. “Great!” He pulled out his cell phone and made a call as he backed out the car.
“I’d like to make a take-out order. Yes. Hang on a sec, ok?” he leaned over to Marin, buckling her seatbelt and whispered, “Do you like shrimp?” She nodded. “OK, I’ll have the Ultimate Feast and can you throw in some extra garlic biscuits? Yeah, I know! Those things are totally addicting.” He threw his car into gear and headed toward the highway, still talking to the restaurant. “Um, yes.” He pulled the phone away from his mouth whispered to Marin, “What do you want to drink?”
“Water?” she threw out tentatively. Jaycen scowled at her and shook his head. “We’ll take two strawberry lemonades, please. Yes, that’s all. We’ll be there in about ten minutes. Thanks.” He hung up the phone and stuffed it in his pocket.
“Strawberry lemonade?” she said.
“Nothing but the best for my girl!” he smirked and laughed as she sputtered a protest.
“I happen to be allergic to strawberries!” she finally managed to say, enjoying the look on his face as the smirk disappeared.
“Oh, no! Are you really?”
“No. But it would serve you right if I were. Do you usually kidnap people, or is this a new hobby?”
“Only stubborn people who are impossible to talk to otherwise. So just you. But it is kind of fun. I may take it up as a sport.”
“Do you at least plan on telling me where you’re taking me?” she asked, trying to relax. His car smelled like Tommy Bahama cologne. It was slightly intoxicating.
“Sure. To my favorite place,” he said cryptically.

Excerpt 3

Over twenty feet of surging seawater now separated her from her life-saving gear, and the force of it shoving through the submerged beach exit dragged her, spinning her around the rocky cave. Three feet of air was all that was between her and the dripping roof. Her fingers scrabbled to gain a handhold in the slippery walls, her legs fighting the current to gain access to the beach opening, ducking her head underwater, straining with all her might toward it, but the water pouring in beat her back.
Her mind spun frantically, jumping through stages in her life; despair at what Paul would think, angry at her stupid fantasy of living without the fear of the deadly water swirling around her. There was nothing but terror to believe in now. Who would be foolish enough not to be afraid of this living, breathing monster sucking the air from her lungs?
The top of her head brushed the rocky roof and she pressed her face to the broken surface, screaming and crying and pleading for help. This was it; this was the end of everything. She clawed desperately at the rocks, crushing her face to the melting air, pushed by the hand of the merciless sea. The last pockets sifted noisily up through the rocky ceiling, through small cracks and fissures that led to the surface many yards above, merging her dying screams with the thin whistling pressure of the triumphant ocean, disappearing into the darkening sky.
Excerpt 4
“You think that you can just love me and I’ll break down and love you back! But it doesn’t count because you don’t understand!”

Jaycen stared at her, but she didn’t say anything more so he opened the door to go inside, shaking his head. Just as he crossed the threshold he turned back. “I don’t have to understand. And love always counts, Marin. Always.” He turned and walked away.


KatherineAuthor?Katherine Armstrong Walters
Katherine Armstrong Walters has been making up stories since she was old enough to talk. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, but moved to Texas where she and her husband, Kelly, have enjoyed living in the country and raising their five fabulous sons, two cats, one snake and a small herd of chickens. When she’s not writing she loves sketching, editing, painting, reading, being outdoors, remodeling, and travelling with her family. Her favorite hobbies include boating and Star Wars.

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