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Better with You by Rachael John

Paige Parker has no time for romance. She’s too busy building up her house-flipping business. But when a charming guy comes between her and the house she wants, Paige is a little more torn than she expected. For a girl who’s always gone with her firm business sense, she’s not sure how to trust her heart.

When it comes to dating, Shaun Randall is not about to get serious with anyone. He has his mother to take care of and enough family secrets to keep him running from any girl who gets too close. Spending time with Paige starts out as a means to get the house he wants, but every time he thinks it’s time to bail, he finds himself drawn in a little more.

When is it worth taking a chance on love?



“I have to say this story was freaking awesome! I breezed through it in an afternoon.” “I loved this sweet romance story. The characters were believable and there were some funny moments. I’ve also read (and loved) the first book in the series, but you could easily read this as a standalone.”


EXCERPT – Please choose 1 and delete the other 2.

Excerpt #1

Shaun Randall could spot a bad date from a mile away, and this one at a nearby table was obviously not going well. The guy’s first mistake was bringing a girl to a sports bar and sitting where he could watch the game, while she sat and toyed with her lemonade.

The football game only mildly interested him, and he couldn’t help checking back, more and more certain this was a first, maybe second date scenario and not a girlfriend/boyfriend situation. There was definitely an awkward newness vibe going on between the two. Plus, she was way too dressed up for a sports bar, while her date was in cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Watching the guy down his third beer and order another one gave Shaun the push he needed.

Thanks to his six foot, four inch height and his bright red hair, Shaun stood out for all the wrong reasons. He was not the best-looking guy there. But he did have one gift, and that was understanding women and how to talk to them. It didn’t always mean he said the right thing. He liked messing with people almost as much as he liked flirting. In this case, he could do both. He took a last sip of his Coke and went to make his move. If things went badly, it would be a fun story for later.

He planted his hands on their table and waited until she noticed him. “Hi, cuz. I’m so glad I found you. Your mom’s been trying to get a hold of you. Is your phone on silent?”

Dark brown eyes framed in long lashes stared at him, her forehead knotting in confusion. She was even more beautiful up close.

“Hey, man, you’re blocking the TV.” Her date weaved his head around him, groaning when the play didn’t go the way he wanted.

“Oh, you’re right.” The girl held up her phone, hiding a slight smile. “I did miss some calls. Jeremy, I need to go. Sorry to cut our date short.”

Jeremy looked at Shaun and then at her, finally paying attention. “Come on. I need you to be my designated driver. And who’s this guy?”

“My … cousin.” She pulled out a couple of bills and dropped them on the table. “Call a cab, it’s on me. Sorry the date didn’t work out.” She strode off, throwing her purse strap over one shoulder, and Shaun had to jog to catch up.

Excerpt #2

A shuffling noise signaled his entrance, and he came up behind her, his breath tickling the back of her neck. She put a hand up to her ponytail and rubbed it against her neck, suddenly feeling nervous. “Quit reading my notes, Shane.”

“It’s Shaun.”

Crap. She turned around, hugging her notes to her chest. “Sorry.”

He shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me. I’m not the one kissing people and not remembering their name two days later.”

Her mouth dropped open and she quickly shut it, hating how well she’d fallen right into that. “I apologize for kissing you. I hope we can still be professional.”

He took a step toward her and she swallowed, willing her face to appear calm. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your kisses. I just wish they were magical enough to make you less determined to buy this place. So, you’re a realtor? Are you here for a client?” He snuck a peek at her notebook, and she pulled it out of his reach.

“Yes, technically I’m a realtor. But mostly I’m a house flipper, and this place is a gold mine.” She ducked around him, sorry that she’d let him goad her into saying that. She was supposed to be talking him out of putting in a bid, not encouraging him. She jogged out the front door, eager to get away from him and put her bid in before the owner had time to consider a second one. With Mr. Charm breathing down her neck, quite literally, she’d have to go somewhere else to crunch the numbers.

Excerpt #3

She pulled out her phone, and Shaun rolled his eyes. “Oh, no. You’re one of those.”

“I have a lifestyle blog. There’s a lot of curiosity about this place.” She turned the plate and took a few pictures. Then she adjusted the vase of roses next to it and messed with some setting on her phone. Their beautiful food was about to get cold while she let it sit untasted. When she held up her phone to take more pictures, he leaned his head in and opened his mouth, pretending he was about to devour the whole plate.

“Ugh, stop.” She picked up an appetizer and shoved it into his open mouth.

He would have been shocked, but the amazing flavors took hold and he chewed slowly, savoring it. “Oh wow. That is so good.” He wiped the corner of his mouth where she’d gotten him with blue cheese. “Am I supposed to feed you now? I wouldn’t want you to feel left out. We could link arms and feed each other at the same time. Maybe that waiter over there could take a picture for your blog.”

She leaned back, but not before swiping a crostini off the plate. “I can feed myself, thanks.”

He watched her nibble it, taking her time.

“It’s better if you get it all in one bite, you know, like if someone shoves it in your face without warning.”

She shook her head, holding back a grin. “Your mouth was wide open, Shaun. You looked like some poor starved baby bird and instinct took over.”

He’d just taken a bite and had to throw a hand over his mouth to keep from spewing it as he laughed. “Those darn mothering instincts.”



Author Rachel John

Rachel John is the author of books filled with awkward humor and sigh-inducing romance. When not burning dinner or chasing kids, Rachel can be found working on family history, writing, reading, or putting off writing by staring at Facebook. She lives in Arizona with her understanding husband, four crazy kids, and a desert tortoise.

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